Alaska Transition to Teaching (AKT2)

Salary and Benefits

After acceptance into the AKT2 program, candidates will work with AKT2 staff and partner districts during the spring to find a job as a full-time teacher for the upcoming fall. It is the candidate’s ultimate responsibility to secure employment in a participating partner district. Candidates will be compensated at the same level and receive the same benefits, including health care and retirement benefits, as other teachers in the district that employs them.

General Alaska teacher salary data is available at the Department of Labor & Workforce Development.

In addition to a salary, teaching offers a Defined Contribution Retirement plan through the State of Alaska Teacher Retirement System (TRS). AKT2 teachers meet the requirements for the Tier III Portable Retirement and Benefits Program, which offers medical benefits at retirement that most 401K plans do not offer. More information about the TRS Defined Contribution Retirement plan is available at the Department of Administration.

Other benefits include opportunities for candidates to have their own classroom and the opportunity to participate in cultural activities and learn Native traditions.