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A A student should be able to develop and be able to use employability skills in order to effectively make the transition from school to work and lifelong learning.

A student who meets the content standard should:

  1. develop and maintain a work ethic necessary for success in the workplace that includes honesty, integrity, dependability, punctuality, self-discipline, initiative, reliability, accuracy, productivity, respect, and perseverance;
  2. understand how to apply skills and academic knowledge in a variety of work settings;
  3. understand the process for seeking employment including résumé development, application completion, interview skills, and appropriate dress for work settings;
  4. understand the process for developing self-employment opportunities including marketing studies, business plan development, and managing business finances;
  5. understand how an individual job fits into the overall organization and how the organization fits into the overall economy;
  6. understand the need for safe practices in workplaces; and
  7. understand employer and employee rights and responsibilities.
B A student should be able to identify career interests and plan for career options.

A student who meets the content standard should:

  1. identify and appreciate personal interests, aptitudes, abilities, and priorities;
  2. identify possible career options, considering both employment and self employment, and understand how changes in the workplace affect career choice;
  3. use labor market information to identify occupational and economic trends and opportunities, and evaluate possible career options;
  4. identify education and/or training needed for career options and advancement, and develop a career plan; and
  5. identify resources available to support education and training related to career possibilities.

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