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The Alaska Contemporary Art Bank (ACAB) was founded in 1975 by the Alaska State Council on the Arts. It was created to address two primary concerns: to expose more Alaskans to high quality work by contemporary Alaskan artists through the provision of outstanding art to public offices throughout Alaska, and to provide support to professional artists in Alaska through purchase of their work. Built primarily through acquisition from statewide juried exhibitions, the ACAB grew rapidly to more than 400 works in its first five years. Artworks are loaned through the Alaska State Council on the Arts to state offices throughout Alaska,including the Alaska Congressional delegation offices in Washington D.C.

Through further purchases from juried exhibitions, recommendations for direct purchases by ASCA’s statewide public art advisory panel, and acquisitions through statewide calls for entries, the collection has grown to more than 600 art works in a wide variety of media, styles and subject matter. This diverse collection now provides a detailed look at the evolution of contemporary art in our isolated state, from the construction of the Alaska pipeline to the present day.

New Art Bank Loans

State of Alaska offices only: Please e-mail the art bank ( directly for information on how to borrow art if you have not participated in this program.

Returning Art

If you have borrowed art from us before and are interested in returning, exchanging, or renewing your loans, please get in touch with us at your earliest convenience. Please have the Art Bank number (example: 99.01), so that we can research your art loan agreements.

How to identify Art Bank art

How can you tell if the work of art on the wall is in our collection? You can identify our art work by looking at the back of a framed work for our label Alaska Contemporary Art Bank along with title, artist’s name, medium, and our four-digit accession number.

Remember, your cooperation is necessary for the success of this program. Thank you.

Contact for more information.