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The State Board of Education & Early Development approved the Alaska Education Plan on March 20, 2009. The final version of the plan is here.

The Alaska Education Plan is the direct result of the Statewide Education Summit, attended in November 2008 in Anchorage by nearly 450 educators, parents, students, businesspeople, legislators, and others. Prior to the summit, nearly 3,000 Alaskans submitted their ideas about education.

Summit participants wrote a vision statement for education in Alaska, a mission statement, goals for high school graduates, and goals and action steps for key areas of education. The public commented on the draft plan, and some of those comments were incorporated in the plan. The State Board of Education & Early Development amended the plan and approved it.

The Alaska Department of Education & Early Development is continuing to work with committees of Alaskans to develop more detailed action plans to build on the ideas and dreams generated by the summit and the public.

This web site will continue to post the Statewide Education Summit’s program (its agenda); descriptions of the summit’s work groups; background talking papers used by the summit’s work groups; a department news release posted after the summit; and results from two public surveys that were conducted prior to the summit.

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Statewide Education Summit Program

Workgroup Descriptions

Talking Papers

Statewide Education Summit Sets Goals for Alaska

Education Survey Results

Graduation Outcome Survey Results


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