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NCES Technology Assessment Guide

The National Center for Educational Statistics has created, under contract with the federal government, a guide to help you assess the use of technology in schools. This resource will be valuable in the creation of transitional and regular educational technology plans and aid in your ongoing assessment of technology in your classrooms.

Sample technology assessment tools:

Detailed Information on Evaluating Technology Initiatives

Classroom Observation Protocols

Potential Tools for Measuring the Impact of Technology in the Classroom," a recently published ATEC report, focuses on the current status of classroom observation protocols and their potential for measuring the impact of the use of technology on classroom practices.

NEIRTEC Technology Briefs

The Northeast and Islands Regional Technology Consortium (NEIRTEC) has created a series of Technology Briefs for NCLB planners. The topics of these Technology Briefs were selected to reflect the U.S. Department of Education requirements for state and local applications, and they provide NCLB planners with effective strategies, key questions to consider, and selected resources that will inform the application and planning process.

Pitsco Innovative Education

This site can take you to a good sample plan from Bellingham, Washington schools and to resources covering many aspects of planning for educational technology.

Planning for Change and Technology

For those who see technology planning as part of the bigger picture of strategic or local improvement planning, as well as for those who want a tool kit for only technology planning, this is it! The Technology Planning Tools provided here encompass all the big parts of your plan, in very thorough detail. Sponsored by the National School Boards Association.

Visions & Revisions Updating and Revising Your Technology Plan

If you already have a good plan and just need to bring it up-to-date, then this site can help. Sponsored by the National Council for Technology Planning.

Planning for the Cost of Technology

This site helps school administrators, technology coordinators, and business managers understand how much more there is to planning purchases than just saying how much the hardware and software will cost to buy. There’s a checklist, lots of links to cost as well as networking and planning resources, and a PowerPoint slide presentation. Sponsored by CoSN, the Consortium for School Networking.

Technology @ Your Fingertips

A wonderful guide for education agencies, written in down-to-earth terms using scads of common sense. In this book you will find the steps you should take to identify your technology needs, consider your options, acquire the technology, and implement a technology solution that will serve you today and provide a foundation for your district’s technology in the future.


The site provides an interactive, leave-it-and-come-back-at-will process for creating a technology plan. Your planning team can actually create the plan online, using the Builder. Sponsored by Compaq.

U.S Department of Commerce Technology Reports

Variety of government reports both inside and outside the education sector, including 2020 Visions, Transforming Education and Training Through Advanced Technologies,
September 17, 2002.


The MarcoPolo program provides training and support to teachers for the best use of the Internet and the resources it offers in the classroom. The site contains content for teachers and students that is reviewed and supported by the National Geographic Society, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the National Council on Economic Education, the American Association for the Advancement for the Science, the National Council of Teachers of English, the International Reading Association, and the Consortium of The Kennedy Center & The Association of Performing Arts. MarcoPolo content is provided free using a train-the-trainer model. To request training, visit For a list of Field Trainers in your area, contact your district technology coordinator or the EED.

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