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Formative Assessments

The following formative assessment resources are meant for Alaska educators only. They are intended for classroom use, to provide student feedback to teachers throughout the school year. Teachers can use the assessments to guide and improve instructional methods. If you have any questions regarding the use of formative assessments, contact the EED assessment office at (907) 465-2900.

Formative assessments:

  • Occur while the topic is being taught
  • Provide diagnostic information on specific mistakes & misconceptions
  • Are usually developed before teaching takes place
  • Are used to inform instruction and lead to changes in teaching
  • Provide timely and meaningful feedback to students and teachers

The Measuring Student Progress Committee, comprised of 50 teachers from 21 districts across Alaska, developed a bank of formative assessments aligned to the Alaska Grade Level Expectations in math, reading, and writing for grades 3-10. These assessments are intended for use by all Alaska teachers to guide and adjust their instruction during the learning process and to differentiate classroom instruction so that the needs of each student will be met.

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