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The following is a list of some frequently asked questions regarding online data element database.
  1. What is the purpose of online data element database?
    The purpose of online data element database is to provide a comprehensive listing of all data elements that might be needed for decision-making essential for managing an education system, reporting to state and federal education officials, and computing indicators of school effectiveness.

  2. Why are the Domains online instead of in print?
    With online data element database, users will have access to information from all of the Domains in one location. The user now has access to all the data elements, regardless of which printed-version Domain is the source. This is especially helpful when the user is interested in data elements from several different levels at once (e.g., Student and School). In the past, the user would have had to read the print versions of multiple Domains.

  3. What are the different Domains of online data element database currently?
    There are currently 7 Domains:

  4. What kinds of users benefit from using online data element database?
    • Public and private education agencies
    • Schools
    • Early childhood centers
    • Other education institutions
    • Researchers involved in the collection of education data
    • Elected officials
    • Members of the public interested in education information.

  5. What is the difference in skill level between the easy and advanced search tools available with online data element database?
    There are multiple ways to access the data elements and definitions on this website. The easy search tools are for finding terms and definitions or for using drill-down menus to find the areas the user is interested in. The advanced search tools are for those users that already know what they are looking for and have a need to download this information.

  6. Is online data element database a data collection tool? Are all the data elements in online data element database collected by the federal government?
    No. online data element database is not a data collection tool nor is it a list of all data collected. It is a reference tool helpful in the creation of a data collection instrument.
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