Career & Technical Education

What is a Personal Learning and Career Plan (PLCP)?

Strategy 1 of the Alaska CTE Plan is to "make transitions planned and accountable for both successful student progress and systemic cooperation," by "Ensuring that every student has apersonal learning and career plan (PLCP)." (Alaska CTE Plan, July 2010, page 4).

A PLCP includes both the PROCESS of career planning for students beginning in elementary school and continuing to middle school, high school, and on through adulthood (e.g., preparation for promotion or career change); and the DOCUMENTATION of the individual’s progress through an informed decision-making process that looks at a wide variety of careers, examines personal interests, skills, and work values, identifies potential careers, sets educational and career goals based on that information, and accomplishes the steps necessary to attain those goals.

Why Should Students Have a PLCP?

According to the Alaska Education Plan of 2009, "At least a third of Alaska students will leave school without a diploma. Some Alaska high school graduates have completed their public education yet do not have a direction in life and are not prepared for a career, while well-paying, interesting jobs go unfilled." The PLCP process is one way to help students see how their education ties in to their futures and provide them with a direction.

Many schools do not have career counselors or advisors. Students need to develop an awareness of their post-high school options and understand how their high school experiences, along with their own interests and abilities, can guide them in planning their future career choices. If students can self-identify their interests, abilities, and desired lifestyles beginning in middle school and continuing through high school, they can connect with career pathways and help create education plans that give them the knowledge, skills and abilities to enter the workforce in a position they enjoy to generate wages that will support their lifestyle.

Schools play a vital role in including career planning activities as an integral part of their curriculum. PLCPs are created and updated throughought a learner's school experiences and can be powerful tools for providing students with purposeful career guidance so they can make informed choices.

What does a PLCP Look Like?

Schools and agencies may develop and us whatever PLCP format suits their needs. Below is a summary of the recommended components of a PLCP along with several sample PLCP templates.

What Free Tools are Available for Personal Learning and Career Planning in Alaska?

There are several excellent career planning tools, resources, and programs available at no charge to Alaskans.

A brief description of each of the free tools is below.

  • AKCIS - Alaska Career Information System
    A web-based program, designed to assist students and job seekers in planning their education and career. It allows users to explore career options, programs of study, colleges, and ways to finance post-secondary education. Users may create a portfolio allowing them to track, save and personalize their career exploration journey as wells as create a course plan, create a resume, and save assessment results and other achievement notes. Middle school, high school, and adult versions available.
  • ALEXsys - Alaska Labor Exchange System
    An online resource offering help selecting and finding a new career or job and locate suitable education and training. The program allows users to create a skills-based resume, search occupational information, search job openings statewide or in a specific area, and obtain labor-market information. Alaska employers have the opportunity to post positions and search resumes that match the skills and abilities required for the position.

  • KeyTrain/Career Ready 101
    A comprehensive online individualized instructional skill development curriculum originally designed specifically to prepare learners for the WorkKeys® job skills assessments.  Career Ready 101 complements the program by providing a career exploration component along with employability skills training.  Self-paced or instructor-led lessons are available in areas such as finical literacy, resume writing, job searching, and employability skills. Includes a built in teacher-management component allowing educators to control how and when students move through the curriculum and to monitor students’ progress.

  • TERC - Testing and Education Reference Center
    One of many resources available through SLED (Statewide Library Electronic Doorway) to students, educators, and the public.  Provides help in finding a college, graduate school, specialty and career programs, as well as college and workplace test preparation materials.

  • ASVAB - Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery
    A widely used multiple-aptitude test battery that assesses a student’s ability to learn new skills and is a predictor of success in training and education programs. Additionally, the ASVAB Career Exploration Program provides tools to help students look at their post-high school options and careers (both military and civilian), including an interest inventory and other activities and resources designed to help students choose high school and post secondary courses/programs and inform their career decisions.

  • WorkKeys® Resources

PLCP Activities - Detailed Instructions for Specific Activities

Middle School PLCP Activities (based on AKCIS Jr.)

  1. PLCP Program Overview - word
  2. PLCP Activities and Objectives by Grade - word
  3. PLCP Activities - word
  4. AKCIS Portfolio Instructions - word
  5. PLCP Activity Schedule - word
  6. Career Plan Standards Crosswalk - excel
  7. PLCP Career Planning Strategy Table - word
  8. Sample AKCIS Jr. Portfolio - word

Short-term Intensive Training Program PLCP Activities (based on AKCIS & ALEXsys)

  1. PLCP Program Overview - word
  2. Resume, Education, and Work History Worksheet - word
  3. AKCIS Activities Summary - word
  4. AKCIS Activities for Adults - Instructions - word
  5. AKCIS Activities for High School Students - Instructions - word
  6. Sample AKCIS Portfolio - pdf
  7. Sample AKCIS Resume - word
  8. Sample AKCIS Cover Letter - word
  9. ALEXsys Activities Summary - word
  10. ALEXsys Activity Instructions - word

Adult Job Seeker/Career Changer (based on AKCIS and ALEXsys)

  1. AKCIS Adult Site Activities Summary - word
  2. AKCIS Activities - Instructions - word
  3. Sample AKCIS Portfolio - word