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Historical Data – Information is Not Current

Table of Contents


Part I — Implementation Resources

Transition Team

Taxonomy for Transition Programming: Reflecting on Transition-Focused Education

Transition Services

PART II — Planning

Transition Team

Related Issues

Transition Timelines Checklist

Checklist for Transition Planning


Student Transition Service Survey

Part III — Job Development

Transition Team

Guidelines for Job Placement / Development

Tips on Working with Employers

Employer Interviewing Technique Etiquette

Student Interview Questions

Student Interview Ratings

Interviewing Courtesies for Effective Communication

Important Safety and Liability Considerations

Memorandum of Agreement

Job Placement / Financial Information

Job Analysis Form

Employer Information

Site Assessment Form

Site Physical Capacities Checklist

Business Indemnification

Internship Agreement

The Job Accommodation Network

Pre-Employment Questions

Part IV — Career Planning & Assessment

Transition Team

Career Exploration and Assessment

Self-Determination Curricula Resources

Information on Occupations and Industries - Mike Farr’s online Get a Job Workshop

Career Planning Assessment



Career Choice Worksheet

Employer Contact Log

Part V — Pre-Employment

Transition Team

Job Development for Students with Severe Disabilities

Tips on Working with Students

How to Work with the Family

Home and School Working Together

Teaching Students to Find Their Own Jobs

Pre-employment Orientation Completion

Alaska Department of Labor & Workforce Development Forms

Work Permit

Authorization to Release Personal/Confidential Information

Alaska Identification Card, Department of Motor Vehicles

How to Obtain a Birth Certificate

Where to Write for Vital Records

Social Security Card Application

Selective Service Registration Information

Selective Service High School Registrar Program

Selective Service Verification

Form W-4

Employment Eligibility Verification


How Do I Get a Job

How to Make a Good Impression When Applying for a Job

Cover Letters

Cover Letter Tips

Cover Letter Template

Résumé Worksheet

Sample Résumé

The Interview

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Summary of Interviewing Hints

Dressing for an Interview

Appearance / Grooming

Some Answers to Tough Questions Asked in Interviews

Practice Some Good Answers for These Interview Questions

Student Interview Procedures


Part VI — Work Experience

Transition Team

Community Based Vocational Services / Definitions

Important Reminders for Transition Team Members

Doing Community Work Experience Training

Vocational Placement Procedures

Safety Instructions on Work Experience Sites – Sample Memo

Absence Due to Lateness Procedure Memo

Personal Leave Memo

Transition Team On-Site Supervisor Duties

Job Site Supervisor’s Vocational Notebook

Student Information

Work Maturity Skills

Grading Procedures—Vocational

Data Taking Procedures

Daily Performance Record

How to Use the Progress Report

Monthly Progress Report

Quarterly Progress Report

On the Job Training Evaluation

Employment Quarterly Report

Student Evaluation Form / Attachment B


Student / Parent Letter

Training Agreement Letter

Absence Due to Lateness Memo

Vocational Leave Request

Parent Letter—Introduction

Parent Letter—Student Work Schedule

Parent Letter—Job Change

Example Guidelines for On The Job Training (OJT), Competitive Employment (CE) Program

Student Responsibilities for OJT or Competitive Employment Placement

On the Job Training Attendance Record

Application for OJT / CE

Release of Liability

What Happens When You Finally Get That Job

Job Keeping Skills

Why Workers Lose Their Jobs

Leaving or Quitting a Job

Work Study Program

Release of Liability

Job Shadowing Program




Site Information

Parent Consent Form

Student Transition Service Exit Survey


Part VII — Resources