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Skills for a Healthy Life

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Assessment & Evaluations

Health Education Curriculum Analysis Tool (HECAT)

Physical Education Curriculum Analysis Tool (PECAT)

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Curriculum/Skills trainings

Aggression Replacement Training (ART) - Ages 12-17. Aggression Replacement Training® (ART®) is a multimodal psychoeducational intervention designed to alter the behavior of chronically aggressive adolescents and young children. The goal of ART® is to improve social skill competence, anger control, and moral reasoning. The program incorporates three specific interventions: skill-streaming, anger-control training, and training in moral reasoning. For more information about ART® as delivered through the Alaska Division of Juvenile Justice contact Rob Seward or Chris Agloinga.

Ripple Effects develops, supports and continually tests an integrated set of technology-oriented products to reduce injury, increase academic success, and strengthen pro-social behavior among children and the adults who work with them. Ripple Effects For Kids; Ripple Effects for Teens; Ripple Effects for Staff

Michigan Model for Health® is the nationally acclaimed school health education program. It is currently being implemented in over 90% of Michigan's public schools and more that 200 private and charter schools. Through the Michigan Model ®, comprehensive school health now reaches over 30 states, foreign countries, universities and medical schools.

Prime for Life

Skill Streaming

Great Body Shop

Be Proud Be Responsible / Making Proud Choices


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Association of Alaska School Boards

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SEL (employability) Standards/Benchmarks


Healthy Alaska Newsletter

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Developing Capable People

Developing Capable People Workshops

SEL: Professional Inquiry / Syllabus

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Parental Involvement

Parent Education - Developing Capable People Program

A Parent's Guide to Internet Safety

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