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How to Use Handbooks Online

In this section, you will find out how to best utilize the resources available on this site.

begin searching online now!Quick Searchesarrow pointing down
The quick searches are provided for users who are not well versed in education data elements or for quick reference searches.

Options include searches such as:
  • Index Searches
    The Index Searches allow the user to view through the various levels of the Domains.
    Table of Contents
    Provides a standard table of contents view of the Domains.
    Allows the user to drill down through the different levels of the Domains.
  • Name Searches
    The Name Searches enable the user to search through the data based upon a word of interest.
    Search by Name
    Allows the user to enter or choose a name or word. The system then searches all elements, entities, options, and the defined terms for that word. The search is done on a one or two word name field. Any element, option, entity, or defined term will be returned.
    First Letter Search
    Presents all elements, entities, options, and defined terms in an alphabetized list of words. The user is able to click on the first letter of the name of the item.
Advanced Searchesarrow pointing down
The advanced searches require advanced familiarity with the Domains in order to run detailed queries and reports.

Options for this skill level include:
  • Instance Query
    An open-ended search providing detailed information on elements, sections, and entities by instance.
  • Element Query
    An open-ended search providing detailed information on elements, sections, and entities by element.
learn more about handbooks online!The Purpose of Handbooks Online
The "About Handbooks" section describes the purpose and mission of Handbooks Online. It further explains the history of the Domains and gives detailed information, including hierarchical presentations, about the data elements.
get answers to commonly asked questions! Frequently Asked Questions
The "FAQs" section contains a listing of frequently asked questions regarding Handbooks Online. Answers are provided for each question.
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