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Table of Contents

Listed below are the top levels of the online data element database. Click on a link below for further details on that part of online data element database. To return to the main table of contents, click here.
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Domain: Staff
  1. Section: Personal Information
    1. Category: Name
    2. Category: Background Information
    3. Category: Military Status
    4. Category: Address/Contact Information
    5. Category: Emergency Contact
    6. Category: Health Information
    7. Category: Immunizations
    8. Category: Injury
  2. Section: Educational Experiences
    1. Category: Education Institution Information
    2. Category: Educational Program/Staff Development Activity
    3. Category: Subject Matter Area of Study
    4. Category: Course Work Taken
    5. Category: Other Non-Course Educational Program/Staff Development Activity
    6. Category: Recognition Earned
  3. Section: Qualification Information
    1. Category: Credential Information
    2. Category: Credential Assessment Information
    3. Category: Credential Characteristics
    4. Category: Credential Revocation Information
    5. Category: Publications
    6. Category: Prior Experience
    7. Category: Years of Employment Experience
    8. Category: Internship/Apprenticeship
    9. Category: Related Travel Activities
    10. Category: Other Interests
  4. Section: Current Employment
    1. Category: Entry into Employment
    2. Category: Employment Conditions
    3. Category: Salary Compensation
    4. Category: Benefit Compensation
    5. Category: Employee Benefit Contributions
    6. Category: Beneficiary
    7. Category: Payroll Information
    8. Category: Tax Withholding Information
    9. Category: Attendance Status
    10. Category: Grievances
  5. Section: Assignments
    1. Category: Assignment Information
    2. Category: Operational Unit to Which Assigned
    3. Category: Schedule for Current Assignment
    4. Category: Staff Assignment Workload
    5. Category: Program Information
    6. Category: Activity Sponsorships
    7. Category: Other Assignment Information
  6. Section: Evaluation and Career Development
    1. Category: Quality of Performance
    2. Category: Career Development Alternatives
    3. Category: Complaint
  7. Section: Separation from Employment
    1. Category: Separation from Employment



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