Alaska Schoolwide Positive Behavior Supports

Who should be involved? (Family/Community/Behavioral Health Agency)

SW-PBS is a schoolwide approach to creating a positive and safe climate in which students can learn and grow. It is used with all students and across all school environments, including the lunchroom and playground. If you walk into a school implementing SW-PBS you will see teachers, administrators, counselors, family members, and community members working together to teach and support behavior expectations at school. Local community mental health agencies often provide services that schools cannot offer, such as mental health counseling, intensive family-based services, or wraparound services. All school staff is responsible for knowing the behavior expectations and providing consistent positive feedback to students. When schools take a positive approach toward addressing discipline, school climate improves. This leads to students spending more time in their classrooms rather than in the principal’s office and teachers spending more time on instruction and less time on discipline.

How families can be involved?picture of family

How can the community be involved?

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How can Behavioral Health and other support agencies be involved?