Alaska Transition to Teaching (AKT2)

Community Links

Alaska is a rich and exciting place to live. Rural villages offer unique experiences for “bush teachers” to work in geographical areas that are often isolated from cities and surrounded by the pristine natural beauty of Alaska. In many of the communities, the school may be the hub of activities and events. Teachers who work at the school have multiple opportunities throughout the entire school year to participate in community events and become enriched through the process of becoming integrated into the community.

The Alaska Teacher Placement (ATP) website is a good resource for people interested in teaching in rural Alaska. There is information on village life as well as forums, job postings, and the ability to apply to many rural districts through one application. ATP also hosts job fairs in the spring.

The Rural Educators’ Handbook published by NEA-Alaska is a good resource for learning more about the joys and unique challenges of living and teaching in rural Alaska.

Please visit the sites below to research community data, maps, and pictures: