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Elementary & Secondary Education Act Programs

ESEA Federal Programs

The federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) emphasizes equal access to education, sets high standards for academic performance, and demands a rigorous level of accountability from schools and districts. ESEA authorizes an important group of education programs administered by the states. These programs provide supplemental support to eligible schools and districts to raise the academic achievement of struggling learners and address the complex challenges that arise among students who live with disability, mobility problems, learning difficulties, poverty, transience and the need to learn a second language.

  • Title I-A    Improving Education for the Disadvantaged & Struggling Students
  • Title I-C    Migrant Students Educational Support
  • Title I-D    Neglected or Delinquent Educational Support
  • Title II-A   Teacher and Principal Quality and Support
  • Title III-A  English Language Learners Support
  • Title X-C   Homeless Educational Support (McKinney-Vento)
  • SIG          School Improvement Grants 1003(g)

Important Dates

  • ESEA Technical Assistance Workshop
       April 21-22, 2015, Anchorage Hilton
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Contact Us

  • ESEA & School Support Administrator
  • Title I-A – Struggling and Disadvantaged Students
    • Contact district Title I Program Manager or Lauri Bates, Education Associate
  • Title I-C - Migrant Students
  • Title I-D - Students in Neglected or Delinquent Institutions
  • Title II-A - Training & Development for Teachers & Principals
  • Title III-A - English Language Learners
  • Title X-C - Homeless