Homeless Education

McKinney-Vento Education for Homeless Children
  & Youth - Title X

Families Resources

Tips for Parents - word

Alaska Public Assistance Toll Free Hotline 1-888-804-6330
In Anchorage: 1-907 269-5777

Programs available: Child Care, Medical Assistance, Denali Kidcare, Food Stamps, General Relief, Temporary Assistance, and Heating Assistance. Public Assistance is a division of the Department of Health and Social Services. http://dhss.alaska.gov/dpa/

AKInfo Project Toll Free Hotline 1-800-478-2221

Alaska Community Services Database
Service provided: Information on over 2000 health and social service providers in the state such as health care providers, food assistance programs, early intervention services, and shelters. At no cost to them, callers to the toll-free referral line can be telephonically transferred to service agencies in the database in order to obtain more information, register for programs or to make appointments. The United Way of Anchorage is responsible for the AKInfo database and is the developer and proprietor of the current database. http://www.akinfo.org

Homeless Information: US Department of Housing & Urban Development

Association of Alaska Housing Authorities

Special Education Directors & Local Community Resource Agencies

School Meals Brochure for Homeless Families - pdf