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Capital Improvement Project Application & Support


The department annually evaluates capital improvement project (CIP) grant applications that are submitted by school districts on or before September 1. Applications are ranked according to the criteria in AS 14.11 and 4 AAC 31, with initial lists released on November 5. Final lists are released after any appeals to reconsideration are finalized.

To be eligible for funding, districts must have a six-year plan, a fixed asset inventory system, adequate property loss insurance, and a preventive maintenance and facility management program certified by the department.

In 2015, the legislature placed a moratorium on new projects participating in the debt reimbursement program until July 1, 2020.

CIP Application Materials

The application and all supporting documents must be post-marked by September 1 in order to be considered during the CIP application evaluation.

Six-Year Plan is a requirement for all districts submitting CIP applications. The plan may contain projects not being submitted for CIP review; the additional projects do not affect the application’s “district ranking” score and the projects are used by the department to compile the statewide six-year plan.

Supplemental: CIP Rating Materials are informative as to how CIP applications are scored.


Each year the department holds a workshop on the CIP application and scoring process, typically in early May. The purpose is to present the application, highlight any changes from year to year, and answer specific questions posed by attendees.

FY2017 CIP Workshop

The below materials may be used to plan particular aspects of a project, assist completion of the CIP application for certain projects, and inform formula-driven application scoring. To provide more guided assistance to the application, the department publications have been compiled into a list that references the application question where the material provides the most context; however, each publication may be applicable to more than one question or circumstance.

If there is a discrepancy between information on this page and the CIP application materials, the CIP application materials take precedence.

Previous years’ CIP priority lists.

All Projects

School Facilities Within Scope - Upon receipt of a grant or debt reimbursement application, the department reviews the age and existing gross square footage of facilities within the project scope utilizing the information in the school facility database. A public version is available to assist in completing a CIP application.

Complete or Partially Completed Project – Projects that are fully or partially complete must have followed procurement requirements in order to be eligible for reimbursement. If a district anticipates it will seek reimbursement for a project, it should request department approval prior to any alternative procurement methods.

Condition/Component Survey

Cost Estimate - Program Demand Cost Model 14th Edition, 2015 version - A workbook for conceptual construction cost estimating of new school construction and renovation projects.

Other Options

Participating Share - Recipients of grants under AS 14.11 are required to contribute a percentage of the grant as a local participating share. Per AS 14.11.008, municipal school district participating shares are determined by the full value of a district’s real and personal property divided by the average daily membership. The shares are calculated during the CIP review process.

District Preventive Maintenance and Facility Management

Projects Adding or Replacing Space

  • Attendance Area for Space Eligibility Schools are grouped in attendance areas, which determines the amount of new space a school may be eligible for, as determined by the space guidelines and gross square footage calculations (see below).
  • Attendance Areas - pdf

Planning/Concept Design

Acquisition of Additional Land