Teacher Certification

Limited Type I Certificate for Instructional Aides

What is the Limited Certificate for Instruction Aides (Type I)?

This certificate is designed to assist experienced instructional aides nominated by their school districts in completing the statutory requirements for full teacher certification. The certificate coordinates the efforts of the applicant, the nominating district, and an approved teacher preparation program toward the applicant's completion of a baccalaureate degree, an approved teacher preparation program, and passage of the Praxis I examination within a four-year time frame beginning with the 2004-2005 school year.

If your meet the following requirements, you are eligible for a Limited Type I certificate:

  • nomination by your current employing school district;
  • at least three (3) years of successful employment there as an instructional aide;
  • expertise in the local Alaska Native culture;
  • enrollment in a college or university program leading to a bachelor's degree, the completion of an approved teacher preparation program, and passing scores on the Praxis I teacher tests; and
  • a contract among you, your district, and your college or university, outlining annual milestones for you and support from the district and institution.

A Type I certificate is valid for one school year and may be renewed up to three times. The department will base its renewal determination on its review of documentation establishing the parties’ full conformance with the contract terms.

An application packet for a Type I certificate requires:

  • a completed application form signed by the superintendent of the nominating district;
  • a contract detailing the education plan with annual milestones signed by you, the superintendent of your school district, and your approved teacher preparation program’s certifying official;
  • Proof of Program Enrollment form signed by the college or university;
  • Official transcripts;
  • a resume verified by the school district and demonstrating at least four (4) years of experience involving the local Alaska Native culture and at least three (3) years as an instructional aide in the district;
  • two letters of recommendation from member of the local Native community attesting to cultural expertise;
  • one completed FBI fingerprint cards; and
  • the fees for the certificate and required fingerprint processing.

The University of Alaska Fairbanks' Rural Educator Preparation Partnership (REPP) and Alaska Pacific University's Rural Alaska Native Adult (RANA) programs are currently working with school districts to help prepare local residents for teaching careers.

The addition of this certificate meets the board's desire to promote the development of more "home grown" teachers. It will benefit students by giving them teachers with a deep understanding of the cultural heritage of Alaska Native students. It will benefit schools and districts both with better stability in classrooms through local hire and with the new teachers' local knowledge to assist their less culturally experienced colleagues. It will benefit communities economically by allowing members to bootstrap themselves up the professional ladder and educationally by offering the most appropriate educational opportunities to children. And it will benefit individuals by allowing them the opportunity to pursue their professional goals without sacrificing their culture.

Email the Teacher Certification Office at tcwebmail@alaska.gov to request a Type I application.