Alaska Transition to Teaching (AKT2)

Phase IV - Summer Field Experience and Cultural Workshop

After candidates pass a Praxis II test in a core academic subject and successfully complete the Spring Pre-service Learning, candidates will attend an intensive six-week field experience in Alaska. The summer field experience is typically held in Anchorage, beginning in late May, but the time and location may change based upon summer school availability. The summer field experience is intended to reinforce the pedagogy learned during the Spring Pre-service Learning by focusing on the State of Alaska Beginning Teacher Standards & Competencies. Candidates receive classroom-based instruction delivered by AKT2 staff. Candidates will complete an internship, including observation and participation in instructional design and classroom management with mentorship from an experienced host teacher. During this time, candidates will also attend an Alaska Native Heritage Center workshop series to increase cultural awareness and understanding.

The summer field experience consolidates a great deal of learning time into only a few weeks; thus, the field experience is rigorous and demanding. Due to strict Alaska State guidelines and the critical importance of the summer field experience for the AKT2 program, candidates cannot miss any part of summer field experience.

After the Summer Field Experience and Cultural Workshop

Successful completion of the Summer Field Experience and Cultural Workshop is contingent upon a recommendation from the AKT2 Director. Those who successfully complete all pre-service activities but who have been unable to secure a teaching position will be eligible to apply for teaching positions for one more school year. Candidates who have successfully completed all Phase IV requirements and who have secured a teaching position in a partner district will apply for an Initial Teacher Certificate and move on to Phase V.