State of Alaska
Alaska State Literacy Blueprint

The Alaska State Literacy Blueprint began in the United States Congress with the allocation of funds to promote literacy across the country. A portion of the total funds allocated was set aside for grants to the states. Upon receiving a grant, Alaska began to form a team of Alaskan educators with varied backgrounds in literacy education to construct a birth to graduation literacy plan. With their combined experience and knowledge as a foundation, they worked collaboratively to study current research and create the Alaska State Literacy Blueprint.

The purpose of this work is to provide a comprehensive framework for how Alaskans develop effective systems to ensure Alaska’s children receive a strong literacy education. It is designed to provide guidance to policymakers, districts, school and community leaders, educators and families about ways to support all children in becoming literate and prepared to fully participate in their chosen work and activities of personal interest in the 21st century. It moves away from philosophical debate and focuses on the growing body of research that supports the advancement of children’s literacy.