State of Alaska
Child Abuse & Neglect

Child Abuse & Neglect

Professional Development Required for School District Staff

AS 47.17.022

Sec. 47.17.022. Training

(a) A person employed by the state or by a school district who is required under this chapter to report abuse or neglect of children shall receive training on the recognition and reporting of child abuse and neglect. (b) Each department of the state and school district that employs persons required to report abuse or neglect of children shall provide (1) initial training required by this section to each new employee during the employee's first six months of employment, and to any existing employee who has not received equivalent training; and (2) at least once every five years, appropriate in-service training required by this section as determined by the department or school district. (c) Each department and school district that must comply with (b) of this section shall develop a training curriculum that acquaints its employees with (1) laws relating to child abuse and neglect; (2) techniques for recognition and detection of child abuse and neglect; (3) agencies and organizations within the state that offer aid or shelter to victims and the families of victims of child abuse or neglect; (4) procedures for required notification of suspected abuse or neglect; (5) the role of a person required to report child abuse or neglect and the employing agency after the report has been made; and (6) a brief description of the manner in which cases of child abuse or neglect are investigated by the department and law enforcement agencies after a report of suspected abuse or neglect. (d) Each department and school district that must comply with (b) of this section shall file a current copy of its training curriculum and materials with the Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. A department or school district may seek the technical assistance of the council or the Department of Health and Social Services in the development of its training program.
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Available EED resource to comply with the above statute

Child Abuse Prevention eLearning Course will fulfill Alaska statute 14.20.680 (please note: district staff are not required to utilize this resource. Districts may use alternative resources).