Alaska Student ID System

For use by district student ID system administrators, only.

The State Board of Education & Early Development adopted a regulation in 2001 that required the Department of Education & Early Development to assign no later than August 31, 2002, an individual student identification number for each student in the state. To accomplish this, the department has implemented a high security, password protected, web-based system that assigns these numbers. School districts will use this number when they report electronic student information to the department including test scores.

The number will be unique to each student and will not be a Social Security number. The number will enable the department to better analyze student information and make informed policy decisions. Additionally, the number will allow for more accurate reports of school and student performance to the governor, legislature and public.

The student identification number is for department use only and becomes part of a student’s school record. The number does not change if a student moves from one Alaska district to another. Beyond its use by the department for data analysis purposes, the student identification number has no other purpose or significance.

School district personnel who have been assigned usernames and passwords may access the system through the following link:

Alaska Student ID System Website Login

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