Alaska Student ID System

Summary of Alaska Student ID System Implementation


  1. One of the difficulties that EED has had with its data management system is the ability to follow the academic progress of children from one test administration to the next. Names change and there are instances of two children with the same name and birth date.

  2. The standard way of addressing this issue in information management systems is to assign a unique number (e.g. social security number, military ID number, etc.).

  3. EED tried using social security number as a unique identifier but this didn't work. EED never received above approximately 60% of the SS numbers and many parents simply refuse to provide it.

  4. The solution to the problem was for EED to assign a unique number to each K-12 child in the public education system unrelated to any existing numbers and for use strictly by EED.

  5. EED decided to use web-technology to implement the system and a contractor, Controltec. Inc. in Fallbrook, CA was selected to develop the system.

  6. Using a web-browser, any school or district in the state can access the system to obtain a unique 10-digit number for entering students. Existing students will also be assign numbers in March and April, 2002.

  7. The system will be installed on a computer at EED in mid-March and go on-line to the Internet shortly thereafter.

  8. The system will have such security devices as assignable administrative rights and passwords and can be used only by designated district personnel. Student names and student ID numbers will be in a database protected by the EED computer firewall.

  9. Only basic information on a child is required - first and last name and MI, gender, date of birth and school of entry into the Alaska education system. Optional fields in the system are aliases and other last names a student may use, mother's maiden name, place of birth and school district ID number (if any).

  10. Regulation requires the system to be in place by August 31, 2002.