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Quality Schools

The Quality Schools Grant Program began in 1998. This purpose of this grant program was and remains to increase student achievement through the methodical improvement of Alaska’s public schools. The Quality Schools Initiative promotes this school improvement by providing clear standards for schools to attain. These standards fall into four categories:

  1. Implementation of Student Standards and Assessments
    1. Alaska English/Language and Mathematics Standards (adopted June 2012)
    2. Other Student Standards and Assessments
  2. Professional Standards for Teachers and Administrators - pdf
  3. Family, School, Business, and Community Networks - pdf
  4. School Excellence Standards - pdf

Approximately 4 million dollars is allocated (district entitlements are calculated by multiplying by $16 the district’s adjusted ADM) to Alaska School Districts each year through the Quality Schools Initiative. Districts must dedicate their Quality School Grant funds to efforts that clearly fall under one of the four established grant goals above, and be able to demonstrate how their funded activities contribute to student academic achievement. Please refer to EED’s Standards website for specific information Alaska’s Educational Standards for Students, Teachers and Administrators, Standards for Quality Schools, and Standards for Family and Parent Involvement. Quality School funds must be spent advancing one or more of these categories.



Districts that receive $10,000 or less no longer are required to submit an End of the Year Report. The Application process for these districts has also been simplified. Districts only need to provide EED with a brief email overviewing what fundable activities their Quality Schools grant will be implementing and how they will evaluate it.

View the links below on regulations pertinent to the Quality Schools Grants:



EED recommends that districts use this allocation chart as a planning guide when trying to determine how much Quality Schools funding they will be awarded in the next fiscal year. Typically districts receive about the same level of funding each year, so basing projections for the next year on what was awarded in the current year is a sound practice. If, however, a district anticipates a significant change in student enrollment it may want to increase or decrease the projection slightly to reflect this change.

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