State of Alaska
Crossroads School

Crossroads reported an increase in graduation rate, an increase in attendance rate, and an increase in the number of credits obtained each year as outcomes tied to its involvement in the Alt. Schools Initiative. Highlights of Crossroads’ efforts include improved physical education and physical activities for students with 55% of all students earning ½ PE credit. A discontinued Food/Nutrition course was also able to be resurrected and an online maternity health course was developed and made available for district-wide use. Additionally, Crossroads provided a collection of health enhancing classes on life skills, healthy cooking, relationship skill building, and personal fitness that were very popular with students. In 2011-2012, Crossroads piloted a healthy relationships course for junior and seniors, extended the school year to assist students in course completion, provided a health class tied to district health standards, and expanded outreach to strategic community partners like Charter North, North Star, and VOR to improve student transitions as they move in and out of these programs.

In 2012-2013, Crossroads continued a healthy relationships course, provided maternity health education to pregnant or new mothers, and trained staff in suicide awareness and prevention. Highlights of Crossroads’ efforts include improved physical education classes, the provision of Food Science classes, and craft classes offered both during the school day and as after school activities.