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2015-2016 Household Application for School Meals Template

Free and Reduced Price School Meals Confidential Household Application Packet

Includes instructions for School Districts, household letter, instructions for applying, confidential household application, sharing information, eligibility notice prototype, and verification of applications documents.

Annual NSLP Renewal for School Year 2014-2015 – due
September 15

  1. Log onto and complete the sponsor application and site applications.
  • Update contact names and information. (two different people)
  • Update E-mail address and telephone numbers
  • Go to the “Packet Tab” and print out all renewal forms needed for your sponsor type
  • Enter date sent once all forms have been completed and submitted to CNP for approval

  1. Documents to Return to CNP

When all online and printed documents are complete and approved by CNP, claims may be submitted for reimbursement in the CNP Web.


(additional documents for RCCIs to return to CNP)

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